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Mondial International Manufacturer of Disposable Baby Diapers (OEM) Mondial International specializes in manufacturing disposable baby diapers to compete in the world market. Our expertise is providing global wholesale and distribution companies with many options to fit their existing or future needs. Our Baby Diapers & Adult diapers are manufactured to strict ISO standards using the the best raw materials available from North America USA and sold thru local agents across the Globe. We offer many packing alternatives; private label, control label, generic label, institutional clear bag; retail and Bulk. We maintain for our clients in developing countries the largest ongoing inventory of Baby Diaper, Adult diaper bales bulk Seconds in the Americas, from our group of factories in the USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America. For qualified companies we can create a private label OEM product and package designed and manufactured for your existing brand image. Certain requirements must be met, therefore contact us for more information at

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